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Poetry Journals

I'm grateful to editors of the following poetry journals within whose pages my work has appeared: Soul-Lit, Parody Poetry, The Song Is..., Jerry Jazz Musician, bear creek haiku, Spitball: The Literary Baseball Magazine, Shemom, Creative Inspirations, Whispers


Southern Bulldog, Northern Bulldog

What has Athens to do with New Haven? Separated by nearly 900 miles, the casual observer finds no obvious connection, aside from their identities as venerable cities in two of America’s 13 original colonies. History, however, tells a different story. In America’s infancy, Yale-educated men migrated south to establish new lives in Georgia and contribute to the political scene and educational system. As a result, the University of Georgia emerged as the first land-grant university in America, and its founders looked to Yale for inspiration in the college’s architecture and curriculum. After more than a century, the spiritual and philosophical connections between the schools were celebrated in a different manner–through a friendly gridiron rivalry. Yale, the Northern blueblood, and Georgia, the Southern institution on the rise, met 11 times between 1923 and 1934. This book chronicles those meaningful battles and marks the gradual shift in the college football power structure. Here is a closer look at an old rivalry whose existence surprises us when we consider how far apart the programs have grown.

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Travel Suburbia

An off-beat celebration of strip mall sameness and commercial sprawl in low-resolution color. The most widely available point-and-shoot (and sometimes disposable) cameras of the time captured these exotic images that require a keen eye and an appreciation for discounted convenience. This evolving ebook project was partly inspired by sweltering August days of my youth, shuffling across molten blacktop in a crowded parking lot so I could try on heavy back-to-school jeans that stuck to my sweaty legs.

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Muzzy Field

Few ballparks still in use today can boast of hosting both Babe Ruth and Vince Lombardi during their playing days. Muzzy Field in Bristol, Connecticut, is one of them. This book retells the stories of the events and people who shaped this ballpark that is so rich in history. Tucked away in the woodsy corner of a public park located within the once-gilded boundaries of a manufacturing city, Muzzy Field has welcomed some of history's most iconic athletes and dozens of Hall of Famers, standing as a grand old dame of New England ballparks.


Connecticut Magazine - Sept. 2018

The New York Giants, one of the National Football League's prestigious franchises, played their first season in 1925. Their first regular-season game featured the iconic Jim Thorpe and was played at Willow Brook Park in New Britain, Conn. This is the story of the game and how it came together.


Let's Go To The Ballpark!

Join Cole on his first journey to a professional baseball game as he discovers the sights, sounds and action of the ballpark! Let's Go to the Ballpark! introduces children to the experience of attending a professional baseball game and the fundamental elements of the game. From the grounds crew to the stadium vendors and action on the field, the story of Cole and his father will build anticipation in children for their next trip to your favorite ballpark.


Captain Comeback vs. The Blue Raiders

Before he was widely known as the Super Bowl champion quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and Pro Football Hall of Famer, Roger Staubach was slinging passes inside Kane Stadium for the Pensacola Navy Goshawks after his tour of duty in Vietnam. Uncertain about his football future, Staubach led the Goshawks during two seasons in the late 1960s, working himself back into football shape against talented small-college teams throughout the Southeast in an effort to make the Cowboys roster. This is an inside story about Pensacola Navy football during the 1960s with a focus on games against Middle Tennessee in 1967 and 1968.

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