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Talkin' baseball with Marvin Freeman

Marvin Freeman during his days as a pitcher for Jackson State University.

The latest installment in my series for Black College Nines features Marvin Freeman, former standout pitcher for Jackson State University and Major League Baseball teams Philadelphia, Atlanta, Colorado and the Chicago White Sox.

The baseball talk is enjoyable. But even more interesting to me is the personal story behind the games. I remember watching Marvin Freeman pitch when I was a kid. He was one-dimensional, as were most of the players on TV.

Conversations like this one bring them to life. Stories about his life on the South Side of Chicago, working in a high-end violin bow shop, humorous stories about finding his way on the baseball field, painful stories about proving his worth in the face of racist attitudes.

As with all these profiles I'm privileged to write, I come away with such a deep respect for these men, their journeys and perseverance.

It was really difficult to edit this interview because of an abundance of fantastic material. Even after a bit of trimming, it's a lengthy piece.

Hope you enjoy it and discover something interesting.

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